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The gym doesn't have to be a scary place...

It can be tough getting in shape. That's why most people don't go to the gym. That's why lots of people start an exercise program, but don't keep going long enough to get the benefits. That's why so many people decide that the gym is not for them.

Most people who live with disability never even make it into a gym. They can feel intimidated by the other members. They can feel overwhelmed by all the equipment. They can get bored because they don't know what to do. They may feel like they just don't see how the gym is of benefit to them.

That's why we set up Fit & Funky. We wanted to create a program where people with disability could:

  • participate in a regular exercise program at a reasonable cost

  • train in a supportive environment

  • learn how to use the different equipment in the gym

  • learn about the benefits of regular training

  • be surrounded by other people in the same boat

  • be supported by a qualified Personal Trainer who will encourage participants to do their best.

Plus, we also want to help teach support workers and carers learn what it takes to be a great gym buddy.

This way we think the gym can be a place where people with disability can learn to enjoy their fitness journey and where the hard work will be just that little bit easier.

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