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Who we are...

We like to think that we're a team of motivated, empathetic, honest and well meaning individuals with a genuine commitment to improving the lives of people with a disability. Everyday Champions is not about just one person, it is more of a movement that aims to bring people together and be of benefit to the broader disability community.

At Everyday Champions, the people we work with are every bit as

important as our team of coaches and volunteers.

Man with Down Syndrome Playing Violin

Our Story

Everyday Champions started with a couple of mates, Joe and Rob, hanging out together and making the most of life. With a shared love of sport, beer, coffee, people and banter, Joe and Rob were having a great time together and thought it was high time they'd better get a few other people involved.

Our Team

Our policies

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is designed to make sure we’re always acting ethically and in the best interests of our clients, the people in their life and the broader community

Choice & Control

This policy outlines how we will support our clients to be able to exercise their rights and have choice and control over the services we provide and activities we do with them.


This policy sets out how, why and what information we will collect, how we will use and (if necessary) disclose it, how we will protect people’s personal information, and how we will uphold the rights of our clients and staff to access and correct their information.

Complaints & Feedback

Feedback and complaints help us improve the quality of our services, safeguard people with disability and achieve better outcomes for our clients

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